Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Keeping Up Appearances

So I've decided to write a daily blog. Well, I have promised myself I will LOL I will TRY at least! :) Every day new things happen to me, I have different revelations. sometimes they're huge ones and sometimes itty bitty ones :) It also enables my viewers from YouTube to know me more.

So today I was writing in my journal and I decided I also wanted to keep an electronic one. Blog for example! lol As most people know I teach by example and I am very open about my experiences and life lessons, so I have no problems at all to publish my thoughts.

Also, by keeping a daily-ish (lol) blog, I am able to give out lessons as it's not possible to shoot educational videos sometimes.

So today I was looking for books. I realised just how important it is for the whole mind, body and soul to be healthy and fed 'soul food'. for example, I wanted practical books, but I also wanted books which will help me spiritually, will help me have a deeper connection with the divine.

I also wish I was more savvy with adding things to blogger :P I really want it a more interesting place for people to visit and pick something useful up.

I've just changed my blogger layout, too. I will have to re-add some gadgets (oh how time consuming lol) but it will be worth it when I'm finished :P

It is so important to incorporate the divine into our daily lives. Even a thought is a good beginning. But if we can say a prayer each day to the divine, and for me, the Goddess, then I feel so loved and so empowered for that day.

So here is my prayers for today:

Dear Mother Goddess & Guardian Angels,
Please enable me to see the goodness in each person I speak with today.
Help me to be a better person and a better person to myself.
Thank you

Well I know I feel better already :) How about you? And before I forget, I would really like to know of any subjects you would like me to discuss, either in my videos or in my blogs.

Have a wonderful day and remember I LOVE YOU!!!


  1. I'd like to hear about any experience you may have had involving Angels. Maybe it's already here, on your blog? I'll take a look around. BTW, your blog page is beautiful! I wish I had the ability to set up a nice blog. I've just started setting one up, but, holy moly, it's plain!

  2. hi beautiful xxx yes, just look under angels, archangels.if you go down on the bottom right youll see where i got this from :)under the second blogger thingy..just click it and it will take you to the womans page xxxxx