Monday, 31 January 2011

Goddess Bridget Statue For Imbolc

So last year on my altar I placed a Bridget oracle card from my Goddess deck as I didn't have a statue. This year I still don't have a statue so I decided to make one! :) Look above...she's drying right now. I used white clay and acrylic paint and put those butterfly pins in the middle of the suns xxx

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Imbolc Thoughts

I really feel a difference in the energies on earth relating to the changing season. For some reason I have not been able to find peace of mind. There seems to be a lot more noise in the house lately and its damaging my mind lol I can’t concentrate. I also feel that my family are being more demanding on me and it’s really interfering in my spiritual time to myself. I feel like I am being suffocated. I don’t know why this sudden difference. I mean, believe me, I dedicate most of my time and energy to my family but I need a part of my waking hours for myself to ground.

I think I’m feeling a little agitated as I feel there are more things I must learn. I feel i need to take some courses, in what I am not aware of yet lol I have also not been as committed to performing rituals as I was before and I am putting this down to the sheer exhaustion of being a mother, a wife, my job on and offline, my video making and a slave to the house. I am just too tired lately to do anything for myself...everything seems such a stress and a strain. One of the choices I must make this Imbolc is to push myself more when it comes to putting more effort into my craft.

Anyway, we are coming up to Imbolc and it’s been on my mind a lot these past few days. I have yet to decorate my altar and I’m aiming to do it tomorrow while the children are at school.

Last Imbolc i made certain promises to the deities and asked for guidance on my path for the year. I can feel the energies of the deities strongly these days and I know I need to re-do the ritual I did last year. I realise that I still have a long way to go before I am in an enlightened enough place to make certain decisions about my path, spirituality, etc.

As I reflect back on how far I have come since last Imbolc, I understand how much I have changed. My whole outlook on life and spirituality in generally has grown and morphed into something I never knew could. Imbolc is the time where I make resolutions or decisions on what I plan to do with my path and the Angels and deities are guiding me in what I need to concentrate on this year.

I was reading over last year’s imbolc ritual that I wrote and performed and I feel I am still at that place, even though I have learned and changed so much. Maybe the things that I researched and studied during the year didn’t really make a difference to my craft and only loaded me with useless information lol

I need some time alone with the deities. I need to really focus my attention on writing my path for this year and seeing what the deities and Angels suggest. I need to be constantly moving, flowing, or I become agitated and stagnant. These are the times I get depressed, when I cannot do the things I want to due to everyone constantly in my space and time and also when the energy isn’t flowing on my path. I am desperately looking for something new to learn which will make an impact on me.

For example; all the books I buy I feel the same old information is just being churned out all over again, the same as I read in the other books or the books before. I am not saying that all my craft is based on what I read in books; quite the opposite, but books seem to kick start some chain reaction within me that gives me inspiration to expand my own path. Nothing seems to make an affect on my path anymore and it’s getting frustrating.

Well this IS a blog on my personal journey, what I would write in my journal, so here you go lol

Either way, Imbolc to me symbolises illumination and probably this is the time I receive enlightenment of some kind. Who doesn't need more light in their life?
I have also been spending a silly amount of time trying to re-design a new YouTube channel layout and it's driving me insane LOL I found a design i liked and then I didn't like it :S This is so like me; unless something blows me away I just don't want it...

Friday, 28 January 2011

The Goddess Is Watching

The Goddess is watching,
And she watches all that you do.
whatever you do to me, she will do to you.

The Goddess walks beside me,

She is my sister, mother, friend
She will protect and love me,
And defend me to the end

Great Mother, who is known by many names
Who is the most divine, most gracious Queen of Heaven.
I, your eternal daughter, sit at your feet
And ask for healing and guidance.

Beloved nurturer, birther of us all,

I ask that you protect my brothers and sisters,
From harm and injustice.
Let those who wish to hurt
Feel the magnitude of your love

Great Goddess, I could never deny you,
Could never turn my back on you.
You have brought to me life
Peace &

Though through my declaration of my love for you
sometimes brings prejudice, discrimination and trials
I rejoice in the knowledge that I am no longer sleeping
And I ask of you to forgive and bless all those
Who fight against your existence.

Give them eyes so that they may see you
Ears so that they may hear you
Arms to that they may hold you
and a that they may love you

Helen Demetriou 2011 All rights reserved

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Cybele, Past Lives, Astarte & Aphrodite

Celestial Blessings!!!! xxx

So I have been spending every spare moment researching! Oh yes; I got the fever :P

For some reason I began re-researching the Temple of Astarte where I visited in the Summer and posted some videos on. I felt there was something I had missed in my initial research and of course this new search took me down lanes, roads, paths and motorways lol

You see, I have always wanted to know why I am here in Cyprus which is a very small country compared to England where I grew up. Ok, I used to come here a few times a year to visit family growing up and always wanted to live here even though I didn't know why as I hate the heat LOL

I have realised how much I have grown since I have lived here for the past 9 years. The energy is so different here compared to England. It has a very mystical energy which I didn't feel so much in England.

Now I’m not saying that England doesn’t have a mystical energy lol I am just saying that I feel it more here in Cyprus.

Cyprus is deeply connected with Egypt, Isreal and connects the middle east with the rest of Europe, and you can really feel the energies vibrating up out of the earth.

It is here that my true relationship with the Goddess began, here where she made herself so known to me. It is no surprise that my interest (obsession) in Aphrodite grew as she was born on the island of Cyprus. But then I became obsessed with Astarte, then with Ishtar and Inanna! And then there is Gaia. Sorry…I am floating on another cloud lol as usual :) It’s like I have learned so much today and it makes so much sense to me but I don’t know how to put it into words lol Or it is like a delicious cake that I am going to eat but I don’t know where to start hahaha.

So I found that Ancient Cyprus has many names, of course Aphrodisia is one of them and another one is Ophiusa meaning the land of the snakes, Cyprus is known for having many snakes but they also worshipped snakes here. This would explain the metal snakes they found at the temple of beloved Astarte which symbolized it was a temple of healing.

Now, in a very prominent past life which I dream about A LOT I am a priestess and I wear a golden snake glove. I have also been told and see a snake that sits like a crown on my crown Chakra. I have searched so much to find out the relevance of this snake glove but haven’t really found anything. But I have found something about a Goddess who wore a snake crown and she is the Neolithic Snake Goddess. No, not the Minoan one. I will add her image somewhere in this post.

Ok, I am going completely off topic lol BUT, the snake is also sacred to Astarte :) So it's making some sense somewhere ;-)

So on researching Goddess worship I found that in the ancient town of Tamassos (which doesn’t really exist today) the temple of Aphrodite and the temple of the Mother Goddess, identified as Cybele, were constructed in the Cypro-Archaic II. WOW!!! So it makes sense as to why I am drawn to Gaia because

Cybele, as with Greek Gaia (the "Earth"), or her Minoan equivalent Rhea, Cybele embodies the fertile Earth, a goddess of caverns and mountains, walls and fortresses, nature, wild animals (especially lions and bees)

Yes! Because I have the lion as one of my symbols and bees always fly near my feet! Lions are also sacred to Inanna/Astarte/Ishtar so I am understanding the connection and to my LOVE of Gaia aka Mother Earth!

At Amathousia which is about 10 minutes drive from me are the ruins of the old capital of Cyprus where they worshipped Hathor, Aphrodite/Astarte and Apollo. There is also evidence of the worship of Bast, whom I have worshiped in a past life.

Great Mother was known as the Queen Bee, and her priestesses were called Melissae, the Bees. Bees were the emblem of Eros, Demeter, Cybele, Diana, Rhea, and Artemis. The Pythian priestess at Delphi was known as the Delphic Bee

And also I spend a lifetime as a Pythia...It's all coming together, even though it is taking years :) Cybele wore a crown and this takes me back to the dream I posted a blog about the other morning.

The Goddess is talking to me and guiding me slowly but surely to discovering her and when I do that, I know I shall find me...

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Valentine Video Series Coming Up!!!

Celestial Blessings!!!

So I have begun shooting some how-to videos for Valentine's day. I'm having some problems though getting the videos from the cam disc onto my lap top :s I have had to upload them onto my other lap top which is a bit temperamental but let's see how it goes! lol

I really Hope you will enjoy the new videos. I am also hoping to make a Lupercalia/St. Valentine video soon. We should really make the most of this ROMANTIC time!!!

Hugs and love! xxx

Monday, 24 January 2011

Missing in Action

*yawn* It's been an exhausting few days. I have been MIA as the husband is sick and I haven't been able to work or really spend time online checking mail etc. due to the fetching and carrying and nursing a ill guy (LOL). I also haven't been able to shoot any videos or keep up with my blogging. Oh well, what can you do? lol

I hope everyone has been well and I intend to write a good blog once he has gotten off his death bed :D

Friday, 21 January 2011

Dreaming of the Goddess

Ok, so I've been awake since 5am and am still reeling so may sound a bit neurotic :-S

I had a dream that (and I'm trying not to burst out crying again) the Goddess came to me, the Mother Goddess. She was wearing the most beautiful golden crown and wore robes of such a soft gossamer material. She came to me and put her arms around me and said, "It's ok, my daughter; I am here. I hear you. I watch your learnings. I love you."

I turned around and hugged her and just cried and cried so much. No matter what I am, how weak and damaged I may have become over the years, she knew it. She knew ME. I could feel her acceptance and understanding flowing through her into me and it was so healing and wonderful and loving.

And that was it. Those few moments that awakened me. But it means so much. I could never, ever deny her, never deny her existance. For me she is the ultimate truth! She is ultimate LOVE! I am so blessed to know her, for my soul to have awoken by a kiss on my forehead. I am just so blessed. So blessed to have found her. I love her so much!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Jesus Talk

Celestial Blessings! xxx

So I am in the middle of reading Raymond Buckland’s ‘Complete Book Of Witchcraft’ and on page 21 he discusses names and deities. He touches upon something which has been on my mind for a while and which I have been preparing to make a video about once I had enough information and once I understood exactly how to share the information. On this page he quotes,

In Christianity there was developed the use of a human male, Jesus, to place the part of the “son of God,” the Christ, thus giving a recognizable form to deity; a form to which the followers could relate. With the addition of Mary, the mother figure, the duality was complete.

He then goes on to say,

So in witchcraft, those we know as the God and the Goddess are our intermediaries. Different traditions use different names.

So what has all this got to do with today’s blog? Well when I think about the God aspect, Jesus always comes to my mind. I have searched within myself to find if this was from the general belief of society but the answer is no, as Jesus has come to me many times during giving healings, taking negative attachments off people and now and then to give me guidance. I remember the first time I saw both Mary and Jesus. I was 7/8 years old and walking out of my bedroom to go downstairs for breakfast. They just stood before me and smiled and I knew who they were. I got such a warm, loving feeling. Jesus would come to me many times and simply say, “Search for the truth and the truth shall set you free.” At that time I didn’t understand what he meant, but when I became dedicated and committed to my path and my studies it became clear that I was meant to search through all religions to discover the God aspect and how religions we created in order to manipulate us into obedience, to do as we’re told, to turn the other cheek etc In Christianity, for example, Jesus has been misused as a tool to do exactly as I just wrote and so finding the truth truly set me free.

Which brings me to the other subject I have been contemplating for the longest time. I understand that those who have crossed the bridge from Christianity to paganism want nothing to do with Christian Gods and many state how it is impossible for one to be a Christian Wiccan, that it goes against the religion and the bible, that the two belief systems clash. Yet my point is, having a belief in Jesus makes you a Christian yet it doesn’t mean it makes you a part of that religion and doesn’t mean that you practice this religion. It would be the same as having a belief in Apollo; wouldn’t this make you an Apollonite? lol. After all, Jesus is still a God and even though the Hebrews don’t recognize him, he is part of the Hebrew pantheon just as Yahweh and his consort Asherah, Baal etc are.

From archeological studies on Jesus and other sons of the Gods it is clear to see that there is a definite pattern, Jesus being Horus in a former incarnation, Yahweh, his father being Osiris and Isis as Asherah and Mary.

My other point is, for a God figure to gain so much popularity and fame there has got to be some truth in him somewhere. Again, there is so much written on him how can we not believe? And by shunning this God are we somehow disconnecting ourselves from his other incarnations such as Horus etc?

And this brings me to another point (lol). It is obviously clear that the church stole many pagan festivals and claimed them as their own. So because I am discussing Jesus here and many say that the Christians claimed Christmas as the birth of Jesus. Well, doesn’t that make sense? On 21st December we know it is the winter solstice and the ressurection of the Mesopotamian God, Tammuz. Wouldn’t this be a fitting time for a God to be born? And though this time was stolen from the pagan festivals, don’t you think that the church were somehow manipulated by a divine source into doing this to ensure the God aspect still lived on and was celebrated and acknowledged? And how fitting that Mary, the mother of God, the Goddess aspect would still thrive and be remembered as to not fade out.

Again, the problem is not the belief but the way people who knew the truth have used the truth as a way to manipulate us into following their man made laws and straight jacketing us into their man made, un-divine religion.

So can a Christian be a wiccan, too? Well why not? Isn’t there Dianic Wicca etc? It would just mean someone who is a Wiccan who’s patron deity is Jesus. Maybe it would be acceptable if they called themselves a Jesuit Wiccan. I don’t know lol But I do know that many believers in Jesus practice Wicca, follow the Esbats and Sabbats with Jesus as the God aspect but that’s as far as it goes. As in, they do not follow the Christian religion but the old ways.

This is something to chew on. I love you! xxxx

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