Friday, 28 January 2011

The Goddess Is Watching

The Goddess is watching,
And she watches all that you do.
whatever you do to me, she will do to you.

The Goddess walks beside me,

She is my sister, mother, friend
She will protect and love me,
And defend me to the end

Great Mother, who is known by many names
Who is the most divine, most gracious Queen of Heaven.
I, your eternal daughter, sit at your feet
And ask for healing and guidance.

Beloved nurturer, birther of us all,

I ask that you protect my brothers and sisters,
From harm and injustice.
Let those who wish to hurt
Feel the magnitude of your love

Great Goddess, I could never deny you,
Could never turn my back on you.
You have brought to me life
Peace &

Though through my declaration of my love for you
sometimes brings prejudice, discrimination and trials
I rejoice in the knowledge that I am no longer sleeping
And I ask of you to forgive and bless all those
Who fight against your existence.

Give them eyes so that they may see you
Ears so that they may hear you
Arms to that they may hold you
and a that they may love you

Helen Demetriou 2011 All rights reserved

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