Thursday, 19 May 2011

Giving & Receiving in Relationships

Celestial Blessings,

Now this entry corresponds with a video I made a while back (link at the bottom). I had posted this video on my FaceBook wall and one of my friends asked me,

“But if we expect something back we can get disappointed?”

Now you may not think much of this question, or even how it could spur a whole blog entry, but this question is paramount in understanding the human psyche and the fear of not expecting love back in case you don’t get it. It is a question which enables us to see inside the soul of many who ask the same question, or those who have the same fears. We can see that from this question that many people are givers and they give because their heart naturally wants to do so. A giver needs to act on his/her instinct, to do something which is natural to them, something they must do because it is part of their nature. Yet sadly, those who are givers forget how to take. The vibrations that they give off tell others, “It’s ok, I am a giver, and I will give to you no matter what.” They may even say to people, “its ok, you don’t need to give me anything back, you don’t need to thank me.” Yet we are human! We NEED love in return! We need something back because without the natural flow of energy exchange of give and take there is an imbalance, and it is crucial that we maintain an equal balance otherwise the person giving is left hungry for love and the person who takes becomes selfish.

When one person feels need it means that they are not in a balanced relationship; it means they are not in a relationship where there is an equal amount of giving and receiving. When we give, we need to have the same in return. Of course, this is a cycle that continues to move so that you do not realize where the giving begins and the receiving has taken place. This is how it SHOULD be and MUST be for balance.

Givers have what I call “The Givers Syndrome” and sometimes they subconsciously look for takers. They need someone to TAKE their love off their hands because it is ever flowing and if they have nowhere to give it can cause blockages in their heart chakra. Yet they do not realize that they need to find a giver like themselves. Unfortunately, even if someone finds a giver to be in a relationship with, they may be the stronger one in the giving department and this may turn the other into a taker.

So how do we combat this? How can we maintain a healthy, balanced relationship of give and take? The first is to understand that we must be clear on what our needs and wants are. We must be clear that we are givers AND receivers. Human nature is so that when we tell another they don’t need to give anything back most probably they wont, because you will have gotten into the habit of giving and the other taking.

I am not saying that once you get into a relationship you must law down the laws, but you can first see how the energy exchange is between you. Does this person appreciate your giving and do they give back? Do you find yourself feeling hungry for love, attention, their time? If so then this is the time to state that you are a receiver as well as a giver. You are NOT a bottomless source of energy; you need that source to be refilled naturally. We do not give because we EXPECT something back; we give because in our hearts and minds we believe that it will naturally be given back. When we expect, then this is where we know there is an imbalance and things need to be put into the right perspective.

Yet we must be very clear on what we need in return. If we are not getting this then we need to be very clear that we don’t feel we are receiving as much as we are giving. If still one remains the giver and the other one only wants to receive then you must realize that you deserve more, that you are worth more. Never be afraid to state what you want.

Please note that this can be applied to any relationship, not just romantic. I have had some people criticize my teaching on giving and receiving and this is because they have not truly read to what this teaching applies to. I am not talking about giving to a stranger, or charity work, etc The universe naturally replenishes and rewards us for whatever we do unconditionally, but most romantic relationships do not work on an unconditional basis because there are two in a relationship and both need to work together to make it successful. If two people can give to each other unconditionally then there would be no giving and receiving, there would just be pure love and bliss, but humans are not at the state yet where they can release their ego completely. As humans we NEED each other…we NEED to be in loving relationships because we were created this way. We were created to each give their ‘bit’ to creating harmony and love.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Insanity of a Lightworker

I have to download this into the nothingness

Because no matter how much I dissect my heart

I cannot find myself.

I have to turn myself inside out to discover where my soul has disappeared to.

I have to turn my eyeballs the opposite way around so I can understand what I am not seeing.

Like a constant supply of love and energy my resources have now run dry…I have been drained dry.

I travel to the well of life to inject myself with hope and I find an arid ruin of what was once plentiful.

And when I can no longer give I am rendered useless and faceless and nameless. I am an unidentified walking object. If I conjure up some self made juice then will I be deemed once again worthy? Or will I be side tracked and bypassed to avoid anyone giving anything back?

I have lost my voice. I have lost the words to recover whatever I am, whoever I am.

Does it really matter?

In this empty room of nothingness I find peace.

I find solitude without the buzz of pleas and agonies of others.

This cave of desolation is a safe haven for the used up beings who are no longer of use to others.

This is too much to take.

This is too much to handle.

There is a black mass called death before me and I cannot see over it or around it. It is blocking out the sun.

Cut me…just cut me. Let us create an outlet for this pain which as possessed me like a beast of nightmares.

And as we do so, we see it leaking out of my heart like a poisonous blood that eats away at all like an acid.

When I am no longer useful from the tidal waves of life that crash me to the ground, there are no beings that can feel my frequency. Is it too much to return what was taken?

Now you can kiss me…now you can bite my lips shut so I make no sound.

And this love I have? It is a cold reminder of what can never be.

You don’t hear me…because you choose not to. Don’t ask me for help.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A Prayer for the Children of Japan & Children Living Through War

Great Mother, Please protect all the new babies being born right now in Japan and anywhere in the world where there is war and fear. Please give these mothers and future mothers courage and hope, place your love on them so they are not afraid for the future of their baby. Give comfort to those who have lost their homes. O divine Mother, please protect all the children who are in these disaster zones right now. For the ones who have lost their parents, let them feel your motherly love and care. Wrap your warm arms around the world and keep them safe. Thank you for your holy grace, please be it thy will.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Prayer Request *PLEASE SHARE!*

Celestial Blessings

By now the majority of you will have heard about the 8.9-magnitude earthquake that has hit japan in the early hours of the morning which in turn has caused a horrific tsunami. So far 20 people have been reported dead and there are many fires in and around the affected areas.

Authorities in at least 20 countries and numerous Pacific islands have issued tsunami warnings and so I ask you to pray for the people of Japan at this time and with the power of our combined prayer and thoughts to minimalize the after affects of this earthquake to the other countries and pacific islands. Together we can make a difference and even save lives.

If there are any of you that know Reiki or any other form of healing modality, be is spells, rituals or blessings, please send it by distance to heal the situation as soon as possible.

I have created a video so that you may share this request for healing and prayers...PLEASE share it xxxx

Monday, 7 March 2011

Trips to Ancient Kourion, Temple of Apollo and Kathari Deftera

Celestial Blessings xxx

Most of you who watch my videos know that I have recently been on some lovely adventures to the ancient ruins around Limassol. You can find my videos to the right of this blog --->

Yesterday I had a wonderful day visiting the ancient Kourion amphitheatre and my favourite, the sanctuary and temple of the Greek god Apollon Hylates, meaning god of the woodlands.

I had a chance to take some lovely photos at the temple and also meditate. I saw some pretty impressive visions and was given some lovely messages. What was so amazing was that Apollo actually came to me as well as Zeus and Hera. The rest of what I saw in my visions I will reveal in a video which I will post in the near future.

Today is Kathari Deftera here in Cyprus. Kathari means clean and Deftera means Monday. It is the first day of lent and that means most families take to the hills or meet up at a family members’ home to eat anything that isn’t a product of animals such as unleavened bread, fish and seafood and all kinds of raw vegetables and fruit. Some of those who are beginning the big fast before Easter also abstain from eating olive oil on certain days. The children fly their kites as around this time of year we have some pretty gusty winds.

Not everyone fasts or some fast but still smoke and drink alcohol. What makes me sad to watch is that people do not understand that it isn’t what food you put in your mouth that makes you ‘unclean’ but what comes out of it, the negative thoughts some can have about people. I really don’t understand why these people fast lol though a lot of them do it to lose weight or to show they’re a good ‘Christian’ ;-) They also cheat by using powdered milk instead of actual milk, though this contains real milk anyway lol

Saying this, I do like the tradition of Kathari Deftera. It also marks the beginning of spring and it’s nice for the children to get together with their cousins to play.

For me this month has a very special meaning and I will be fasting the day before my spiritual journey.