Tuesday, 18 January 2011

It's Not Rocket Science

Celestial Blessings Angels!

You know, this morning I was thinking about all the money people spend on self help books, all the time and expense they cough up going to workshops to help them deal with ego issues. I am more an observer when it comes to what other people do with their lives and their spiritual paths as it's nothing to do with me what they choose to do with their time here on earth. The only time I will give my opinion is if they ask me what they're doing wrong, why can't they reach that point in their lives when they break the cycle of the same problems. Ok, this is going a bit off subject lol I am not the most perfect person on the planet (LOL) but as an observer and as Moses is my teaching guide I tell what I see.

So what do I see? Now I'm not saying this about everyone. Not everyone who goes to self help workshops or reads these kinds of books belong to this subject, but I see people who are mean and horrible to other people, jealous, envious, judgmental, etc, and then wonder why their lives are not going right. They are self righteous in their beliefs and their belief system, these people who snort and snarl at anyone who is different to them yet they claim to be Reiki masters etc who live in the light. Then the next thing you read/hear is that they've just spent over a $100 on self help books or they're flying to such and such a place to do a self help workshop.

It's not rocket science. All this money does not have to be spent. Time does not have to be dedicated. Just don't be horrible to people, don't be judgmental/envious/spiteful/catty to people and you will heal. People will not ascend or evolve when they behave this way, even when they think these thoughts because thoughts are energy and energy vibrates out into the universe and the universe mirrors whatever you send out.

Be good to people, love people. It's as simple as that

Ok...rant is over lol I love you xxxx

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