Thursday, 27 January 2011

Cybele, Past Lives, Astarte & Aphrodite

Celestial Blessings!!!! xxx

So I have been spending every spare moment researching! Oh yes; I got the fever :P

For some reason I began re-researching the Temple of Astarte where I visited in the Summer and posted some videos on. I felt there was something I had missed in my initial research and of course this new search took me down lanes, roads, paths and motorways lol

You see, I have always wanted to know why I am here in Cyprus which is a very small country compared to England where I grew up. Ok, I used to come here a few times a year to visit family growing up and always wanted to live here even though I didn't know why as I hate the heat LOL

I have realised how much I have grown since I have lived here for the past 9 years. The energy is so different here compared to England. It has a very mystical energy which I didn't feel so much in England.

Now I’m not saying that England doesn’t have a mystical energy lol I am just saying that I feel it more here in Cyprus.

Cyprus is deeply connected with Egypt, Isreal and connects the middle east with the rest of Europe, and you can really feel the energies vibrating up out of the earth.

It is here that my true relationship with the Goddess began, here where she made herself so known to me. It is no surprise that my interest (obsession) in Aphrodite grew as she was born on the island of Cyprus. But then I became obsessed with Astarte, then with Ishtar and Inanna! And then there is Gaia. Sorry…I am floating on another cloud lol as usual :) It’s like I have learned so much today and it makes so much sense to me but I don’t know how to put it into words lol Or it is like a delicious cake that I am going to eat but I don’t know where to start hahaha.

So I found that Ancient Cyprus has many names, of course Aphrodisia is one of them and another one is Ophiusa meaning the land of the snakes, Cyprus is known for having many snakes but they also worshipped snakes here. This would explain the metal snakes they found at the temple of beloved Astarte which symbolized it was a temple of healing.

Now, in a very prominent past life which I dream about A LOT I am a priestess and I wear a golden snake glove. I have also been told and see a snake that sits like a crown on my crown Chakra. I have searched so much to find out the relevance of this snake glove but haven’t really found anything. But I have found something about a Goddess who wore a snake crown and she is the Neolithic Snake Goddess. No, not the Minoan one. I will add her image somewhere in this post.

Ok, I am going completely off topic lol BUT, the snake is also sacred to Astarte :) So it's making some sense somewhere ;-)

So on researching Goddess worship I found that in the ancient town of Tamassos (which doesn’t really exist today) the temple of Aphrodite and the temple of the Mother Goddess, identified as Cybele, were constructed in the Cypro-Archaic II. WOW!!! So it makes sense as to why I am drawn to Gaia because

Cybele, as with Greek Gaia (the "Earth"), or her Minoan equivalent Rhea, Cybele embodies the fertile Earth, a goddess of caverns and mountains, walls and fortresses, nature, wild animals (especially lions and bees)

Yes! Because I have the lion as one of my symbols and bees always fly near my feet! Lions are also sacred to Inanna/Astarte/Ishtar so I am understanding the connection and to my LOVE of Gaia aka Mother Earth!

At Amathousia which is about 10 minutes drive from me are the ruins of the old capital of Cyprus where they worshipped Hathor, Aphrodite/Astarte and Apollo. There is also evidence of the worship of Bast, whom I have worshiped in a past life.

Great Mother was known as the Queen Bee, and her priestesses were called Melissae, the Bees. Bees were the emblem of Eros, Demeter, Cybele, Diana, Rhea, and Artemis. The Pythian priestess at Delphi was known as the Delphic Bee

And also I spend a lifetime as a Pythia...It's all coming together, even though it is taking years :) Cybele wore a crown and this takes me back to the dream I posted a blog about the other morning.

The Goddess is talking to me and guiding me slowly but surely to discovering her and when I do that, I know I shall find me...

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