Thursday, 17 February 2011

The End of the World & Solar Flares

So I haven't blogged in a while...I have just been so busy with clients on and offline, making videos and the usual day to day life.

And now in the news we hear about a powerful solar flare that has effected the earth. Now, I know that they say in 2013 we will have a huge one and this could destroy our satellites and digital age as we know it. Now I have said it before and I will say it again (lol) THE WORLD IS NOT GOING TO END but if this DOES happen, it will force us to go back to how we used to live and probably force us to form better relationships with others, especially our families, as we shall no longer have technology to keep us occupied. It would be a joint effort that we all work together to rebuild the world that we know...but will we WANT to? xxx

Monday, 7 February 2011

Life Lessons

Celestial Blessings beautiful people xxxx I love you!!!

So today a lovely friend from YouTube sent me a video called unbelievably lucky people which I will post the link at the end.

It really got me thinking about how everything happens for a reason, everything has a cause and effect, nothing is a coincidence. You could call things that happen in our lives which make us open our eyes and notice divine intervention, fate, or something which we created ourselves to happen.

It makes me think about myself and a project I have been working on for about a year now. I have thrown my whole self into it, my heart, my soul, my passions and all of my love only to have it not ‘work’ anymore. No matter how much time I’m willing to spend, no matter how much motivation I use to ‘fuel’ this project it has come to a standstill and just isn’t moving anymore. Now I am the kind of person who doesn’t give up or give in, I keep soldiering on and working towards something if it really means something to me, but in these instances when you cannot move it along anymore alone you just have to say, “Well I’ve done all I can...I cannot do more..I have tried and worked hard on my part but there is nothing else I can do to make this work.” And believe me, this is a hard thing for me to do. I don’t see it as a failure, or see myself as a failure, but I mourn for the time and energy I put into something. can’t have all been in vain. Along the way I know I have learned valuable lessons which I will carry with me and put to some use somewhere along the line. I realise how lucky I am to have had this learning, even though I don’t know what for yet lol Yes, there is heartache and pain but this just makes us stronger, right? Lol and deep down we all know everything happens for a reason. Even though, like me, you may be not know what the reason is, it will become clear in time.

It is strange how we don’t always see the red light before we venture into something, don’t even get an inkling that the end result won’t be what we desired. Even I who works on my intuition on a daily basis cannot see things coming for myself, and sometimes I think this is meant to happen, it is meant for me/us to go through these motions to learn invaluable lessons. Because if we knew the outcome, would we do it? Not many would lol

Many times, we don’t learn our lessons and this is because they’re sometimes camouflaged so we cannot see it as it is because we HAVEN’T learned those all important things.
here is a link to the video:

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Alien Dreams

I have been having the most strangest dreams this past week. One dream I was with a student and we were in a class room where I was teaching. One of my students were assisting me in teaching the class metaphysics and then suddenly he said to me that there was an alien in the class. The alien stood up and told me that this student was not my student by chance but because I had to meet him in this life time.

Then I dreamed a dream involving aliens last night, too. I dreamed that I was with the same student at a party. I didn’t know the girl who’s birthday it was and I had been invited by my student. We sat together and ate together and it was getting time to leave and he was giving me a lift home. As we was walking to his car I looked up and I saw aliens in the sky. What is quite hilarious is they looked like jelly fish :S They had masks on as they couldn’t breath our air. I took photos of them and I was showing my student.

I had alien dreams about a month or so ago and it stopped but they seemed to have resumed. What can this be? I do not believe that it is metaphorical as it seems to be the theme of my dreams for a few months now. Strange…

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Helen's Philosophy

Blessings and love xxx

I am obsessed with Grenade by Bruno Mars lol It really sums up the story of my life when it comes to loving others. It also reminds me of my OWN philosophy. Today my status on FaceBook is:

Regret NOTHING. Do not be afraid to tell someone you love them. ALWAYS find the opportunity to say what you feel, do not boil in silence.Don't allow ANYTHING to keep you down.Discard your pride when it comes to saying sorry.If someone doesn't want you,or is bad to you,walk away and don't look back.Love yourself.You are special & perfect.You ARE worth so much!

And it is true! Through all my trials and tribulations with people, I have learned that you should always find the opportunity to tell someone you love them. No matter what they have done if you want to salvage a relationship or if you are in love with someone. You must tell them. If you don't say how you feel you will regret it.

And that is another thing. I have done things in my life that I was ashamed about and it ate away at me but you know what? I cannot change it! I promised myself I would have NO REGRETS! Everything I have done is what brought me to today, what made me the woman I am today.

And if someone doesn't want me in their life and/or who is bad to me? I pick myself up, say not a word and walk away. Because I am too good to accept less than I want. This is one of the biggest teachings I share with my students. You are worth so much and you deserve what you want and need. This is how it is. If someone doesn't listen to how you want to be treated then they are not worth your time and effort. They don't deserve your attention. This is loving yourself. Allowing someone to hurt you or not care about you is NOT self love.

We are all worth our desires. Everyone deserves love and attention. Everyone deserves to have the life they want. Why shouldn't they? Who said you can't have what you want or you don't deserve it? you are absolutely gorgeous and special and WORTHY of everything!!!!

Just don't become bitter. Don't allow repeated hurts to kill your heart, don't lock away your heart. I have suffered a lot of hurt in my life but I get up and love the world twice as much. The knocks you receive only make you stronger. Don't EVER give up!!!