Monday, 21 December 2009


Celestial blessings xxx

I have been meaning to write about this for a while now and I have touched on it in the past, but after discussing it with a new acquaintance, I believe I should find the time to relay the lessons I have learnt regarding this subject.

I am aware that during this time of year many of us feel lethargic and tired. We may feel depressed if the weather in our part of the world is cold and dull. Many people have informed me that the scarceness of the sun makes them feel cold inside and sad. Many also escape the cold weather to enjoy vacations in the sun. So why do we feel this way?

During the winter months, our body begins to ‘shut down’. Of course, it doesn’t shut down completely, but just like various animals such as bears and squirrels etc, the body and soul goes into hibernation. Of course, you are sitting reading this and not sleeping lol but subconsciously, your body and soul are trying to rest because this is the time when things are dying or resting in order to grow again in the New Year.

Why do we feel so depressed without the sun? I suspect for many the greyness of the day and the coldness of the night lacks colour and keeps you indoors, but it during this time that you need to spend as much time with your family AND alone and spend time reflecting within what has passed during the old year as the new year comes closer. Now is the time for you to sit in contemplation, note your mistakes and successes and really think about what you want the New Year to hold for you. It is also a time for recognizing useless and outgrown habits and experiences and releasing them and allowing them to die to make room for the new experiences.

We often feel depressed because we refuse to go with the flow; we refuse to live with the seasons. We are not an island, nor do we have devices which can defy the weather or the changing of the earth during the changing seasons. You are just as much a part of the season as the season becomes a part of you. You cannot fight, you cannot kick and scream and refuse to go with the flow as the result is frustration and depression.

For me, the greyness of winter isn’t a time of mourning for the sun; it is a time when it is neither black nor white so a mixing pot for all ideas to be drawn out from within and planted. They greyness is just a cloak of protection that the earth wears until its time to unveil the new life which comes shortly after the New Year.

Are you going with the flow? Are you living WITH the seasons, or trying to live against them? Take this time to reflect and feel the peacefulness around you as you accept the natural cycle of life and death and recognize the blessing in each season.

Yuletide Blessings,

Helen xxx

Challenging Times

Celestial Blessings,

Are you ready for Christmas yet? Unfortunately I am not! Lol I still have the buy some gifts and wrap them! Oh well.

Today I am urged to discuss challenges with you. Yes, we all have challenges, no matter how big or how small. There is a saying, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. For me this is a negative quote lol I don’t want to reach such a point in my life that I am FORCED to become stronger due to such a circumstance.

I used to be a person who didn’t want to face challenges. “Tomorrow” was always a perfect day to deal with things but I realized the more I put things off, the worse they became until they all piled on top of me and I couldn’t breath. So I have found that dealing with challenges and problems straight away gets them done and out of my life sooner rather than later.

I find that where I may find things easy in one aspect of my life, there are many others which I find difficult to deal with or handle. Many times I ask why I have so many challenges in my life.

My youngest son is an inspiration for me. From an early age he had language problems, not because he is bilingual because we always spoke to him in English. I was told he was autistic, had aspergers, retarded, slow in his development and the list goes on and on. My outlook for his future was bleak. It was a very challenging time for me having a child which didn’t speak, didn’t even say “Mummy” or have a conversation with me. Yes, I took him to all the specialists, all the therapists and each had their own evaluation for him which I knew wasn’t right.

I would cry every day when I thought about how challenged HE was, how hard it was to communicate with others. He knew he was different…he knew his challenges and it broke my heart.

He is 8 now. He speaks two languages and never stops talking. He does have difficulty in Greek but he can read and write it. He is a whiz at mathematics and a genius with computers. When I think about myself and my challenges I look at him and feel ashamed about my complaints. He is 8 yet he has faced so much and come so far. He still has a speech impediment and I still get people laughing when he cannot say a word, but he is my hero. I learn so much from him each and every day. He is so strong willed and never gives up when he really wants something.

So my message today is, no matter how hard our challenges, we can overcome them. They are valuable lessons which let us know we can cope with anything and we are alive. Whatever you are facing right now I promise you will find the light and make it through.

Blessings and love,

Helen xxx

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Celestial Blessings xxxI hope you are well! Xxx

A lot of you know I have been on a sort of spiritual retreat yet still staying in my home lol and I am coming to you today to share with you the valuable lessons I have learnt.

We need to STOP expecting things to just go away; we must STOP expecting that by thinking positive alone everything will work itself out. No, my Angels; it does not work that way. How many of us lightworkers can raise our hands and say, “Hey! I’m HEALED!”? I’m sure not many of us, and believe me this is not me being negative; it is me being HONEST with Myself and you. Why can we not seem to heal? Why do we still have so many issues? Why can we not seem to manifest what we want? What is missing, going wrong?Examine your beliefs.

Please, take some time to examine your beliefs, your faith. Do you wholeheartedly believe and have faith in it? And now here comes the ultimate question: does both your conscious and SUBconscious believe and have faith in it? You see my Angels, when our conscious and subconscious are conflicting, nothing gets done! Nothing is healed! It is like we are living a BIG FAT LIE! So when we try to manifest or heal, maybe our conscious believes it, but the subconscious doesn’t, and this is the greatest obstacle of all.

In the conscious we have all kinds of thoughts milling around which filter into the subconscious and become what we know as OUR truth. If a thought form is still hanging around your conscious yet hasn’t entered your subconscious then it has no solid ground; it is without foundation, it is not TRUTH so therefore has no power.This is why I ask you to examine your beliefs. If for example you have a passing belief in one thing, let’s say manifestation, but you hold a fear in your subconscious and your subconscious does not believe, then you cannot manifest.I always see this as trying to send a song or photo by Bluetooth to another phone. One phone may be in receiving mode and the other in sending, but if these two phone to not pair together on the same wavelength then the song doesn’t get sent. This is exactly like our conscious and subconscious.

If we believe in something consciously but not subconsciously, and then the two energies cannot be paired, do not work on the same wavelength and nothing gets done.So how to we determine what is in the subconscious? Well look at what we are told by leading metaphysical healers and speakers. The large amount tells us to NOT think negative thoughts, to think only positive, that it takes only a change of thinking patterns. Oh really? So if this works, then why do the same problems keep returning? Why can we not manifest? Why can we not heal? The answer is, we need to first UNDERSTAND a problem before we can release it because within those problems live a big part of us. Yes, that’s right; US! How is this so? It is so because these thoughts were thought by US using OUR energy. Would you cut off a leg and throw it away in the trash? I should hope not!

There is not enough being taught in regards to self examination. We need to seek the truth about ourselves. We need to be mini scientists and dissect and untangle before we just delete.When we do this, we realize our own errs, see them face on. When we do this, then the negativity held in our consciousness filters into our sub consciousness leaving us with nothing but truth.So for example, I want to write a book but I’m not getting published. Why? My conscious tells me I WANT IT but I'm fearful I will never get published.

The subconscious recognizes the words as want it fearful and tries to align with the conscious and in the end all that is left is a big mess and no movement.Angels, we MUST take a move proactive part in our own development in ALL areas of our lives. We cannot sit on our behinds and ask every Archangel or deity to do our dirty work for us; it doesn’t work like that. Who wants to help a lazy person who just sits there asking for things? Not me, I’m sure, and I’m sure not you, either.

Can you understand my point? I love you and I want you to find your way…find a way to synchronize your conscious with your subconscious to have a joyful life that TRULY works for you.If you have enjoyed this message and it resonates with you, please visit my website at You can also view my videos at

Your sister in light,Helen

Friday, 31 July 2009

The Power of Prayer & Archangel Sandaphon

Celestial Blessings

Last night in my dreams I saw only prayer; I saw myself with my hands in the prayer position and within my hands was a ball of light. When I had finished praying, this ball of light was sent up to the heavens and I waited and waited for my prayers to be answered yet they weren’t. I was so filled with dismay and disappointment that today I woke up feeling sad and confused. So as you know me by now, I meditated on it.

Archangel Sandalphon came to answer my questions during my meditation, and as you may or may not know, Archangel Sandalphon is the twin brother of Metatron. Sandalphon and was the only other human apart from Metatron (the wise man Enoch) mentioned in the bible to be transformed into an angel. In life Sandalphon (Greek for like a brother) was the great prophet, Elijah, and as an Archangel he takes our prayers up to the creator. He is said to be one of the tallest Archangels, and when I see him he has fire coming out of his mouth and eyes. He works alongside Archangel Michael in protecting the earth and its inhabitants. There are other attributes held by Sandalphon (before everyone jumps down my throat to correct me :) ) but I believe there are times you need to research some things for yourself :)

So why weren’t my prayers answered in the dream? Imagine if the creator answered every single prayer; the world would be in chaos! And there would be many lazy people around. The reason why the creator doesn’t answer our prayers is because we are all capable of fulfilling our dreams ourselves. Like the architects we are, we were born with all the tools we need to build our own lives. I always see myself as a carpenter who has an etheric belt around my waist which contains hammers, rulers, pencils etc which I use to create my world. So what use do we have for Sandalphon, then? The creator hears all of your prayers and creates events in our lives which help us to reach our dreams. He cannot place our dreams right in our laps because we would have learnt nothing and one of the greatest reasons for our existence here on earth is to learn our lessons and to realize that we can create just like the creator for we are made God-like, we are the children of the creator, so we have therefore inherited his/her ability to make our thoughts a reality.We all have our own paths and each of our paths twist and turn differently, leading us to our destination.

Events that shape us are the events sent by the creator to enable us to learn and reach our goals. We may reach these places of success in the most oddest ways but know there are no coincidences.So now we come to the difficult question of the prayers that are made by the dying.

Do we create our own death? Time of death? This is a whole other subject, but before we are incarnated onto this earth we make a contract on the time we will die and how we will die. And for those who are not aware of this contract and who pray for healing, they are scared…of course they are…yet even Jesus when he was dying on the cross was himself afraid because he was born into a human body yet he knew his destiny and when we listen to our own spirit and body, we too know our own destiny.

And what about those in near death experiences who it was so certain they would die yet don’t? the answer is it was not their time, their light on earth wasn’t meant to go out at this time yet they have to learn some very important lesson to evolve spiritually.And what about the prayers we send for others to be healed? Why are they not heard? Because it is not by OUR will the destination of a soul that belongs to the creator, but the will of the creator and the contract the person made before coming to earth. This is not to say, though, that prayer is a waste of time. Whatever prayers you send to God are heard and the suffering of those we pray for is lessened, even if they pass away.

I’m sorry to talk about such a morbid topic but a lot of times I get so many challenges on how I know things and why I say things, so I am explaining now and I believe that it is something a lot of us need to hear as we are all grieving for a person or a lost chance, all asking “why” when it comes to the passing of loved ones or to why things don’t go ‘our way’ in our lives.

So prayer DOES make a difference; they ARE heard. Things will happen for you, just maybe not in the way you expect them to. Maybe you will not like the changes around you or the changes YOU have to make in order for them to materialize but this is part of the growing process, and the quicker you accept it and go with the flow, the less difficult and frustrating it will be.Through prayer we become humbled and we are then able to see the facets about ourselves which our eyes were blinded to by our ego.

Through prayer we meditate, become grounded and centered and feel such a great rush of release which helps to remove blockages and feel happier, healthier, and full of hope.

Love and light,Helen

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Find your Treasure

Dearest Angels! Celestial Blessings and so much love from me!!!

So what is your treasure? How can you find that very special treasure in your life? Where do you look? Why is it important to know?Many of us are on a quest to find our treasure. We feel as though we need something in our lives to feel complete, whole, but no matter what we find on our search we never seem to feel fulfilled.

Sometimes it’s our twin soul we are looking for, sometimes our mission, but whatever it is, the not finding it can leave us feeling incomplete. It seems an endless maze of circles, meeting ourselves as we turn each corner. But are we really so blind? As we turn each corner and bump into ourselves over and over again, do we not understand the answer? The message? Your treasure is yourself; you contain within you the innate power to create any outcome in your life. You are a treasure all on your own with a myriad of gems and golds and silvers and every colour of the rainbow inside you! So when we meet ourselves, why are we not happy with what we find? Why do we believe ourselves to be so ‘un’ treasure like? Is it so difficult to accept that you are so amazing and valuable? Can not yourself alone bring you happiness? If not, why not? Others treasure you, why not treasure yourself?

See through the eyes of the angels, through the eyes of the creator and you will begin to SEE your own worth. You are unique in every way; there is no one in the world like you.

With the help of Archangel Sedekiah, we are able to discover the treasures that lie within each of us. Sedekiah guides us inward on a beautiful spiritual journey of self discovery. You are like a wonderland, a secret garden waiting to be explored! Dip into your riches and exchange them for happiness. These riches never deplete, and this is what is so amazing about you! You refill each time you take out, so donate a handful of your jewels to everyone you meet and share your bounty of treasure. The more you give, the more you become enriched; the more you give the more you get.

Have a blessed day, I love you!

Your sister in light,Helen xxx

Releasing Troubles

Dearest Angels, Celestial Blessings!

I hope this mail finds you well! I am just getting back into the normal routine after the workshop ended last week. Saying that, I am now chanelling 2 workshops i will teach; one in november- Angel Beauty Therapy and one in Spring which is FairyCraft, so if you love fairies, keep an eye on my website

So as i was meditating this morning one of my Guardian Angels came to talk to me. He told me that there is a beautiful way of releasing troubles. Write down in point form without elaboration any troubles you are having right now in your life. Then collect leaves that correspond with the number of troubles you have written. Get a box and ask your Guardian Angel to empower this box. Now take each leaf in your hand and say allowed a trouble from your list and put the leaf in the box. Do this with each of your troubles. When you have finished close the box and ask Archangel Jophiel to transform the troubles into positive energy. Each day take a leaf from the box and throw it into the wind. Hold the intention of feeling lighter each time you release a leaf into the wind.

Kisses and love,

your sister in light,Helen ♥ ♥ ♥

What Are You Waiting For? WANT IT, GET IT, HAVE IT!!!

Dearest Angels,

during my meditation today I was visited by Archangel Ariella who inspired me to share with you her and my thoughts today!Open your heart to all your possibilities. Running through you are the colours of success.

Learn how to open up your box of treasures that lay buried within and use them to make a better today and an even better tomorrow.Bless your feet so that every step you make will leave your footprints of love all over this beautiful earth. You have so much to benefit from when you give all and in turn are able to take all.The new coming of life signifies a new turning point for you. Each year there are so many new beginnings, and this is one of them. For me the Archangel Ariella (Ariel) is the Archangel residing over nature. Call her Gaia if you like, but whatever you do call her, she is the Goddess/Archangel of nature and new beginnings and LIFE! What have you been wanting to start but don’t know how or when is the right time? What is it that you have had in your heart to do or to follow but cannot find the tools to build a dream? All, as you know my angels are within you.

Imagine your soul is like a box of delights that holds every tool you need. You are the architects, you are the builders, the carpenters of your road of your path of your mission.Dip your hand into your resources and whatever you pull out I assure you is the right tool to carry out the initial foundations of your needs. Have faith that you will make the right choice, however mistaken you think you may be at first. Nothing is a coincidence. You yourself provides the correct elements to create, for you are a creator.

Those seeds you have had hanging around your mind, plant them now if you haven’t already. Cultivate your garden of amazement and watch your flowers of success grow! Hold within your mind the focus of reaching your goals. Do not reside on negative banks of insecurity when you can be swimming in the pool of abundance.You can! Stop saying “I don’t have the money” or “now isn’t the time”! there is no time BUT now! The money you don’t have is the hole you have chewed into your pockets! Wake up, dearest heart, dearest creation of love! Understand your own self sabotaging thoughts. WANT IT, GET IT, HAVE IT!

For your new beginnings ask the Archangels to cleanse away your debris of negative thinking and emotional baggage. Do you really need so many cases full of sadness and self disbelief? Why have you been carrying them all these years? What good have they ever done you? See yourself tossing them into the cleansing sea to be carried away into the universe and be transmuted into positive love, abundance and divinity. For you ARE divine! You ARE magnificent! Have you realized that yet?Stretch out your hand..let the light of your power guide you on dark roads. Use all these God-given resources that surround us.

Use the elements. Accept the support of the Angels, your guides, your animal guides, your ancestors. You walk alone on a road that was built for many to accompany you. Accept your power and never shrink yourself for the sake of others of for the sake of fear.You Angelic and perfect creations…you are beautiful…have you realized that yet?

Your sister in light,Helen ♥

A Lesson in Burial

Celestial Blessings

I hope you are all well. This passed week here in Cyprus we have had a heat wave and boy was it hot! Sadly I was badly affected by the heat and haven’t been able to ‘function’ well, suffering from migraines, cold sweats and aches and pains. The whole point of this explanation is that during my times of sleep I had the most vivid dreams! I guess as my body was healing my soul/spirit was off to another plane of existing, forever learning, thank God!

One of the dreams I had, which shook me terribly, involved my late grandmother who I saw being buried again. I asked everyone why she was being buried again since she had died when I was 18 and had already been buried and no one had an answer. I was named after her so on her gravestone is my forename plus my maiden surname (she is my fathers’ mother) and I was shown this again in my dream. As I awoke I cried and cried all day, as I felt I was going through the whole process all over again. I wanted to know the reason for this dream which I couldn’t understand; why the repeated pain? Why the savage memories? So I realized I had to meditate and ask the Angels and my guides why I had dreamt this.

During my meditation Archangel Azrael came to me. As you may or not know, Azrael is the Archangel of death who helps souls to pass over to the other side. He also comforts us in our grieving. Saying this I have also worked with him in the past when I wanted to lay to rest and bury parts of myself I no longer needed. The message he gave me, I will share with you all:

“There is no going back. You have today and tomorrow. When you grow you sometimes unknowingly grasp onto old parts of yourself that you have no need for. You are no longer the person you are yesterday. You are someone new every single day. When a piece of flesh is removed from the body what does it do? It rots, as it has no blood or life force to keep it alive. Imagine the bacteria and infection on that piece of flesh? Now think about parts of your spirit that you no longer need. Imagine carrying around with you parts of you that have been detached from the body. It too rots, infests and is infected, yet as it is not physical matter it feeds on your energy to stay ‘alive’. This results in you feeling confusion, spiritual/emotional/mental blockages and a ‘deadness’ inside that you cannot explain. This is because it doesn’t belong in the NOW. The you NOW is not you that was living YESTERDAY. When you know you need to discard a piece of yourself that is of no use to yourself, lay it down and walk on. Do not worry about refuse…it is taken care of…does a snake carry around its old skins? Can you imagine how ridiculous a snake would look like carrying around with it its old skins? But a snake wouldn’t do this because a snake, an evolved animal, has no attachment to its old skin and leaves it behind. But it has left its mark and is found by those behind it; to learn and know about this snake. You leave your marks by what you leave behind you, but what matters is what is in front of you. Bury your old parts and let them rest in peace.’

Have a perfect day. With all my love and kisses,


Friday, 3 July 2009

Finding Contentment with Archangel Zazriel

Dearest Angels, Celestial Blessings!!!

There are so many of us that do not have a feeling of contentment in our lives; each pushing ourselves passionately daily towards success. When success isn’t coming, we question ourselves why and ultimately berate ourselves for having not reached that outcome we desire. This lack of satisfaction can leave us feeling depressed, stressed, useless and may even cause us to withdraw from life, our friends, our family.There is nothing wrong in having this driving force. There is nothing wrong in wanting success. But in the time that we spend trying to get from A to B, we miss life and the joys of life in so many ways. We believe that the more we push forward the more we accomplish, but when we notice that despite our efforts we are not reaching that goal, we run round in circles chasing our tail, demandingly asking ourselves what WE have done to not bring about the outcome we want.Sometimes when we push so hard we create blockages in front of us. Imagine a small pathway in front of you which is littered in boulders. When we push so hard it is like we are throwing ourselves violently against these rocks. Will these actions dislodge the boulders? No, they wont. Do we walk backwards? No, we don’t. we find a way to climb over or we find a way to dig under. When we are faced with these moments when we are not moving forward it is time for you to stay still for a while. It is time to look around and see the view…listen to the birds singing in the trees…look at the beautiful sky above…taste the fruits around you and savour every moment. Be CONTENT with where you are, be SATISFIED with what you are doing, sit a while and LOOK at what you have accomplished. How far have you come? Are you able to see the beginning of where you started from? I bet you cannot. You will notice that through this contentment, this satisfaction, the boulders will no longer be there. The air will rush towards you as you walk forward, as everything begins to flow harmoniously once again. You will feel you are not pushing against the wind but rather sailing on a sea of abundant breeze, and your eyes will see more as you begin to look around you on your path.Archangel Zazriel came to me to deliver this message to you, Zazriel translated means “Strength of God” and he is an angel of power and strength. Call on Archangel Zazriel to empower you to have the power to stop pushing so hard. Invoke his power to aid you in finding the strength to realize that its OK to rest and collect yourself.The greatest power is being able to recognize that its ok to be content even before you have reached your goals. When you do this, the blockages are lifted and abundance and success flows correctly and harmoniously.

Your sister in Light,

Helen xxx

The Bubble of Peace

Celestial Blessings,During my early morning meditation this morning the Angels asked me to talk about allowing peace to be our teacher and having trust that peace is always the answer. So what does this mean?

There are many beings on this earth that encounter situations with others which could erupt into an argument. It could even be when you are driving to or from work, in the work place, in the home, in fact anywhere where we have to spend time with others. There are times when we meet one fiasco after another and it seems very difficult to stay in a place of peace when there are argument provoking situations arising here, there and everywhere.

If you are someone who usually believes it is better to argue a point rather than accept your differences, then step back and ask yourself what it is within you that needs to argue, that needs this other person to see you are right? Why is it so hard for you to step into your bubble of peace and not retaliate?Usually these situations arise BECAUSE peace is trying to teach you that arguing is not always the right way.

When we learn to step into that bubble of peace when we are wanting to erupt then we are able to find INNER peace and this allows us to see the situation as it truly is, thus teaching us to be calm in most occurrences and keeping our stress levels to a minimum. Yes, a lot of stress we cause ourselves is through feeling irritated by others.So what is this bubble of peace? When you next find yourself in a situation where you feel you are compelled to argue, then see yourself stepping into a bubble of peace…this bubble of peace can be any colour you wish that symbolizes peace. For me, blue is the colour of peace and serenity so I step into a blue bubble of peace and count to ten. Yes, counting to ten really works as it gives ourselves time to calm down and reflect on the situation. It also helps us to see if we WERE wrong or over reacting or if our reaction was ego based and not because someone was ‘doing something’ to us to make us angry.Remember; we are here on this earth to interact with others and no matter what we do we have to spend time with other people, even if its only for 5 minutes of your day.

However you act and react in the world touches other people, so please consider saying a little affirmation when you wake such as:“I bring joy to all I meet today” or“I am peace, I am love, I am patience and I will be patient with anyone I meet today.”Before you step out of your door or even go online, surround yourself in your bubble of peace and hold the intention of having patience, love and respect for whoever you meet.

Call on Archangel Michael to help you speak your truth without being arrogant or in your ego…ask Michael to show you the truth in all situations even the truth about yourself.

Your sister in light,Helen ♥

Divine Beauty - A Channeled Message From Archangel Jophiel

You are each ‘plugged in’ to the infinite consciousness of divinity. This is why it is impossible for you to ask for guidance and not receive it. How we are shown varies from person to person and how you perceive it depends on where you are now standing in the aura of your ego.When you believe, when you have confidence that YOU are connected to infinite wisdom, then your higher self over takes all egotistical self thoughts and channels energy of knowledge which flows becomes wider, cleaner, clearer and more precise.As you are all connected to each other, to other earthlings and earth life, then it is impossible that you are shut off from guidance, that guidance is only given to ‘the chosen ones’. Everything you believe about yourself is true yet what others believe is based on their own judgments and thoughts. Those who hold negative thoughts about you have no place in your life, for their thought forms are not connected with celestial energy but a lower vibrational energy. When you realize your own worth, do not compromise it for how others weigh you up; you are not here to live up to the expectations of others but to be true to you.You are each a light which guides your way. As you become more illuminated in your honesty and integrity, so do you attract others who are also illuminated like you. The dimmer souls that you meet will transform from night flies into butterflies by your side, this is why it is always imperative to walk in light and love and to teach by example for you are the new teachers of the ancient ways.The beauty of your soul shines through the material that covers your bones and flesh. What makes you beautiful is what you do and how these acts affects you within. It is easy to understand that to do good makes you feel good and beautiful, whereas ugly acts creates a feeling of ugliness. It is also true to say that when you feel ugly you are trying to disconnect yourself from source as all that is connected to source is beautiful, and that means you.You are not just a body…you are not just a soul…you are not just a mind…even the most outwardly beautiful people are lacking something within as it is so difficult to push beauty inward but it is easier to send beauty outward. When you love yourself and accept all that you are, you are perceived as beautiful by others. This is not an illusion. The illusion you create is the veil that you have woven from your negative thought forms about yourself. Feeling you are beautiful does not necessarily need to be connected with outward appearances; when you are proud of your achievements or who you are you are beautiful. When you admit the TRUTH, that you are WITHOUT defect pertaining to every facet of you, then you ARE beautiful. Yet KNOW that you do not need the acceptance of others for your looks, your actions, your beliefs to walk in the light of beauty.Do not allow what people say or see about you bring you down; do not allow yourself to be affected by the words of others. You are valued, whole and complete in the eyes of the creator and the earth is blessed by each step you take.

Taken from "Angel Beauty Therapy Workshop By Helen Demetriou"All above works belongs to Helen Demetriou and Angel Beauty Therapy Workshops and shall not be copied or shared without the consent of Helen Demetriou.