Monday, 21 December 2009


Celestial blessings xxx

I have been meaning to write about this for a while now and I have touched on it in the past, but after discussing it with a new acquaintance, I believe I should find the time to relay the lessons I have learnt regarding this subject.

I am aware that during this time of year many of us feel lethargic and tired. We may feel depressed if the weather in our part of the world is cold and dull. Many people have informed me that the scarceness of the sun makes them feel cold inside and sad. Many also escape the cold weather to enjoy vacations in the sun. So why do we feel this way?

During the winter months, our body begins to ‘shut down’. Of course, it doesn’t shut down completely, but just like various animals such as bears and squirrels etc, the body and soul goes into hibernation. Of course, you are sitting reading this and not sleeping lol but subconsciously, your body and soul are trying to rest because this is the time when things are dying or resting in order to grow again in the New Year.

Why do we feel so depressed without the sun? I suspect for many the greyness of the day and the coldness of the night lacks colour and keeps you indoors, but it during this time that you need to spend as much time with your family AND alone and spend time reflecting within what has passed during the old year as the new year comes closer. Now is the time for you to sit in contemplation, note your mistakes and successes and really think about what you want the New Year to hold for you. It is also a time for recognizing useless and outgrown habits and experiences and releasing them and allowing them to die to make room for the new experiences.

We often feel depressed because we refuse to go with the flow; we refuse to live with the seasons. We are not an island, nor do we have devices which can defy the weather or the changing of the earth during the changing seasons. You are just as much a part of the season as the season becomes a part of you. You cannot fight, you cannot kick and scream and refuse to go with the flow as the result is frustration and depression.

For me, the greyness of winter isn’t a time of mourning for the sun; it is a time when it is neither black nor white so a mixing pot for all ideas to be drawn out from within and planted. They greyness is just a cloak of protection that the earth wears until its time to unveil the new life which comes shortly after the New Year.

Are you going with the flow? Are you living WITH the seasons, or trying to live against them? Take this time to reflect and feel the peacefulness around you as you accept the natural cycle of life and death and recognize the blessing in each season.

Yuletide Blessings,

Helen xxx

Challenging Times

Celestial Blessings,

Are you ready for Christmas yet? Unfortunately I am not! Lol I still have the buy some gifts and wrap them! Oh well.

Today I am urged to discuss challenges with you. Yes, we all have challenges, no matter how big or how small. There is a saying, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. For me this is a negative quote lol I don’t want to reach such a point in my life that I am FORCED to become stronger due to such a circumstance.

I used to be a person who didn’t want to face challenges. “Tomorrow” was always a perfect day to deal with things but I realized the more I put things off, the worse they became until they all piled on top of me and I couldn’t breath. So I have found that dealing with challenges and problems straight away gets them done and out of my life sooner rather than later.

I find that where I may find things easy in one aspect of my life, there are many others which I find difficult to deal with or handle. Many times I ask why I have so many challenges in my life.

My youngest son is an inspiration for me. From an early age he had language problems, not because he is bilingual because we always spoke to him in English. I was told he was autistic, had aspergers, retarded, slow in his development and the list goes on and on. My outlook for his future was bleak. It was a very challenging time for me having a child which didn’t speak, didn’t even say “Mummy” or have a conversation with me. Yes, I took him to all the specialists, all the therapists and each had their own evaluation for him which I knew wasn’t right.

I would cry every day when I thought about how challenged HE was, how hard it was to communicate with others. He knew he was different…he knew his challenges and it broke my heart.

He is 8 now. He speaks two languages and never stops talking. He does have difficulty in Greek but he can read and write it. He is a whiz at mathematics and a genius with computers. When I think about myself and my challenges I look at him and feel ashamed about my complaints. He is 8 yet he has faced so much and come so far. He still has a speech impediment and I still get people laughing when he cannot say a word, but he is my hero. I learn so much from him each and every day. He is so strong willed and never gives up when he really wants something.

So my message today is, no matter how hard our challenges, we can overcome them. They are valuable lessons which let us know we can cope with anything and we are alive. Whatever you are facing right now I promise you will find the light and make it through.

Blessings and love,

Helen xxx

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Celestial Blessings xxxI hope you are well! Xxx

A lot of you know I have been on a sort of spiritual retreat yet still staying in my home lol and I am coming to you today to share with you the valuable lessons I have learnt.

We need to STOP expecting things to just go away; we must STOP expecting that by thinking positive alone everything will work itself out. No, my Angels; it does not work that way. How many of us lightworkers can raise our hands and say, “Hey! I’m HEALED!”? I’m sure not many of us, and believe me this is not me being negative; it is me being HONEST with Myself and you. Why can we not seem to heal? Why do we still have so many issues? Why can we not seem to manifest what we want? What is missing, going wrong?Examine your beliefs.

Please, take some time to examine your beliefs, your faith. Do you wholeheartedly believe and have faith in it? And now here comes the ultimate question: does both your conscious and SUBconscious believe and have faith in it? You see my Angels, when our conscious and subconscious are conflicting, nothing gets done! Nothing is healed! It is like we are living a BIG FAT LIE! So when we try to manifest or heal, maybe our conscious believes it, but the subconscious doesn’t, and this is the greatest obstacle of all.

In the conscious we have all kinds of thoughts milling around which filter into the subconscious and become what we know as OUR truth. If a thought form is still hanging around your conscious yet hasn’t entered your subconscious then it has no solid ground; it is without foundation, it is not TRUTH so therefore has no power.This is why I ask you to examine your beliefs. If for example you have a passing belief in one thing, let’s say manifestation, but you hold a fear in your subconscious and your subconscious does not believe, then you cannot manifest.I always see this as trying to send a song or photo by Bluetooth to another phone. One phone may be in receiving mode and the other in sending, but if these two phone to not pair together on the same wavelength then the song doesn’t get sent. This is exactly like our conscious and subconscious.

If we believe in something consciously but not subconsciously, and then the two energies cannot be paired, do not work on the same wavelength and nothing gets done.So how to we determine what is in the subconscious? Well look at what we are told by leading metaphysical healers and speakers. The large amount tells us to NOT think negative thoughts, to think only positive, that it takes only a change of thinking patterns. Oh really? So if this works, then why do the same problems keep returning? Why can we not manifest? Why can we not heal? The answer is, we need to first UNDERSTAND a problem before we can release it because within those problems live a big part of us. Yes, that’s right; US! How is this so? It is so because these thoughts were thought by US using OUR energy. Would you cut off a leg and throw it away in the trash? I should hope not!

There is not enough being taught in regards to self examination. We need to seek the truth about ourselves. We need to be mini scientists and dissect and untangle before we just delete.When we do this, we realize our own errs, see them face on. When we do this, then the negativity held in our consciousness filters into our sub consciousness leaving us with nothing but truth.So for example, I want to write a book but I’m not getting published. Why? My conscious tells me I WANT IT but I'm fearful I will never get published.

The subconscious recognizes the words as want it fearful and tries to align with the conscious and in the end all that is left is a big mess and no movement.Angels, we MUST take a move proactive part in our own development in ALL areas of our lives. We cannot sit on our behinds and ask every Archangel or deity to do our dirty work for us; it doesn’t work like that. Who wants to help a lazy person who just sits there asking for things? Not me, I’m sure, and I’m sure not you, either.

Can you understand my point? I love you and I want you to find your way…find a way to synchronize your conscious with your subconscious to have a joyful life that TRULY works for you.If you have enjoyed this message and it resonates with you, please visit my website at You can also view my videos at

Your sister in light,Helen