Friday, 31 July 2009

The Power of Prayer & Archangel Sandaphon

Celestial Blessings

Last night in my dreams I saw only prayer; I saw myself with my hands in the prayer position and within my hands was a ball of light. When I had finished praying, this ball of light was sent up to the heavens and I waited and waited for my prayers to be answered yet they weren’t. I was so filled with dismay and disappointment that today I woke up feeling sad and confused. So as you know me by now, I meditated on it.

Archangel Sandalphon came to answer my questions during my meditation, and as you may or may not know, Archangel Sandalphon is the twin brother of Metatron. Sandalphon and was the only other human apart from Metatron (the wise man Enoch) mentioned in the bible to be transformed into an angel. In life Sandalphon (Greek for like a brother) was the great prophet, Elijah, and as an Archangel he takes our prayers up to the creator. He is said to be one of the tallest Archangels, and when I see him he has fire coming out of his mouth and eyes. He works alongside Archangel Michael in protecting the earth and its inhabitants. There are other attributes held by Sandalphon (before everyone jumps down my throat to correct me :) ) but I believe there are times you need to research some things for yourself :)

So why weren’t my prayers answered in the dream? Imagine if the creator answered every single prayer; the world would be in chaos! And there would be many lazy people around. The reason why the creator doesn’t answer our prayers is because we are all capable of fulfilling our dreams ourselves. Like the architects we are, we were born with all the tools we need to build our own lives. I always see myself as a carpenter who has an etheric belt around my waist which contains hammers, rulers, pencils etc which I use to create my world. So what use do we have for Sandalphon, then? The creator hears all of your prayers and creates events in our lives which help us to reach our dreams. He cannot place our dreams right in our laps because we would have learnt nothing and one of the greatest reasons for our existence here on earth is to learn our lessons and to realize that we can create just like the creator for we are made God-like, we are the children of the creator, so we have therefore inherited his/her ability to make our thoughts a reality.We all have our own paths and each of our paths twist and turn differently, leading us to our destination.

Events that shape us are the events sent by the creator to enable us to learn and reach our goals. We may reach these places of success in the most oddest ways but know there are no coincidences.So now we come to the difficult question of the prayers that are made by the dying.

Do we create our own death? Time of death? This is a whole other subject, but before we are incarnated onto this earth we make a contract on the time we will die and how we will die. And for those who are not aware of this contract and who pray for healing, they are scared…of course they are…yet even Jesus when he was dying on the cross was himself afraid because he was born into a human body yet he knew his destiny and when we listen to our own spirit and body, we too know our own destiny.

And what about those in near death experiences who it was so certain they would die yet don’t? the answer is it was not their time, their light on earth wasn’t meant to go out at this time yet they have to learn some very important lesson to evolve spiritually.And what about the prayers we send for others to be healed? Why are they not heard? Because it is not by OUR will the destination of a soul that belongs to the creator, but the will of the creator and the contract the person made before coming to earth. This is not to say, though, that prayer is a waste of time. Whatever prayers you send to God are heard and the suffering of those we pray for is lessened, even if they pass away.

I’m sorry to talk about such a morbid topic but a lot of times I get so many challenges on how I know things and why I say things, so I am explaining now and I believe that it is something a lot of us need to hear as we are all grieving for a person or a lost chance, all asking “why” when it comes to the passing of loved ones or to why things don’t go ‘our way’ in our lives.

So prayer DOES make a difference; they ARE heard. Things will happen for you, just maybe not in the way you expect them to. Maybe you will not like the changes around you or the changes YOU have to make in order for them to materialize but this is part of the growing process, and the quicker you accept it and go with the flow, the less difficult and frustrating it will be.Through prayer we become humbled and we are then able to see the facets about ourselves which our eyes were blinded to by our ego.

Through prayer we meditate, become grounded and centered and feel such a great rush of release which helps to remove blockages and feel happier, healthier, and full of hope.

Love and light,Helen

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