Thursday, 30 July 2009

What Are You Waiting For? WANT IT, GET IT, HAVE IT!!!

Dearest Angels,

during my meditation today I was visited by Archangel Ariella who inspired me to share with you her and my thoughts today!Open your heart to all your possibilities. Running through you are the colours of success.

Learn how to open up your box of treasures that lay buried within and use them to make a better today and an even better tomorrow.Bless your feet so that every step you make will leave your footprints of love all over this beautiful earth. You have so much to benefit from when you give all and in turn are able to take all.The new coming of life signifies a new turning point for you. Each year there are so many new beginnings, and this is one of them. For me the Archangel Ariella (Ariel) is the Archangel residing over nature. Call her Gaia if you like, but whatever you do call her, she is the Goddess/Archangel of nature and new beginnings and LIFE! What have you been wanting to start but don’t know how or when is the right time? What is it that you have had in your heart to do or to follow but cannot find the tools to build a dream? All, as you know my angels are within you.

Imagine your soul is like a box of delights that holds every tool you need. You are the architects, you are the builders, the carpenters of your road of your path of your mission.Dip your hand into your resources and whatever you pull out I assure you is the right tool to carry out the initial foundations of your needs. Have faith that you will make the right choice, however mistaken you think you may be at first. Nothing is a coincidence. You yourself provides the correct elements to create, for you are a creator.

Those seeds you have had hanging around your mind, plant them now if you haven’t already. Cultivate your garden of amazement and watch your flowers of success grow! Hold within your mind the focus of reaching your goals. Do not reside on negative banks of insecurity when you can be swimming in the pool of abundance.You can! Stop saying “I don’t have the money” or “now isn’t the time”! there is no time BUT now! The money you don’t have is the hole you have chewed into your pockets! Wake up, dearest heart, dearest creation of love! Understand your own self sabotaging thoughts. WANT IT, GET IT, HAVE IT!

For your new beginnings ask the Archangels to cleanse away your debris of negative thinking and emotional baggage. Do you really need so many cases full of sadness and self disbelief? Why have you been carrying them all these years? What good have they ever done you? See yourself tossing them into the cleansing sea to be carried away into the universe and be transmuted into positive love, abundance and divinity. For you ARE divine! You ARE magnificent! Have you realized that yet?Stretch out your hand..let the light of your power guide you on dark roads. Use all these God-given resources that surround us.

Use the elements. Accept the support of the Angels, your guides, your animal guides, your ancestors. You walk alone on a road that was built for many to accompany you. Accept your power and never shrink yourself for the sake of others of for the sake of fear.You Angelic and perfect creations…you are beautiful…have you realized that yet?

Your sister in light,Helen ♥

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