Thursday, 30 July 2009

A Lesson in Burial

Celestial Blessings

I hope you are all well. This passed week here in Cyprus we have had a heat wave and boy was it hot! Sadly I was badly affected by the heat and haven’t been able to ‘function’ well, suffering from migraines, cold sweats and aches and pains. The whole point of this explanation is that during my times of sleep I had the most vivid dreams! I guess as my body was healing my soul/spirit was off to another plane of existing, forever learning, thank God!

One of the dreams I had, which shook me terribly, involved my late grandmother who I saw being buried again. I asked everyone why she was being buried again since she had died when I was 18 and had already been buried and no one had an answer. I was named after her so on her gravestone is my forename plus my maiden surname (she is my fathers’ mother) and I was shown this again in my dream. As I awoke I cried and cried all day, as I felt I was going through the whole process all over again. I wanted to know the reason for this dream which I couldn’t understand; why the repeated pain? Why the savage memories? So I realized I had to meditate and ask the Angels and my guides why I had dreamt this.

During my meditation Archangel Azrael came to me. As you may or not know, Azrael is the Archangel of death who helps souls to pass over to the other side. He also comforts us in our grieving. Saying this I have also worked with him in the past when I wanted to lay to rest and bury parts of myself I no longer needed. The message he gave me, I will share with you all:

“There is no going back. You have today and tomorrow. When you grow you sometimes unknowingly grasp onto old parts of yourself that you have no need for. You are no longer the person you are yesterday. You are someone new every single day. When a piece of flesh is removed from the body what does it do? It rots, as it has no blood or life force to keep it alive. Imagine the bacteria and infection on that piece of flesh? Now think about parts of your spirit that you no longer need. Imagine carrying around with you parts of you that have been detached from the body. It too rots, infests and is infected, yet as it is not physical matter it feeds on your energy to stay ‘alive’. This results in you feeling confusion, spiritual/emotional/mental blockages and a ‘deadness’ inside that you cannot explain. This is because it doesn’t belong in the NOW. The you NOW is not you that was living YESTERDAY. When you know you need to discard a piece of yourself that is of no use to yourself, lay it down and walk on. Do not worry about refuse…it is taken care of…does a snake carry around its old skins? Can you imagine how ridiculous a snake would look like carrying around with it its old skins? But a snake wouldn’t do this because a snake, an evolved animal, has no attachment to its old skin and leaves it behind. But it has left its mark and is found by those behind it; to learn and know about this snake. You leave your marks by what you leave behind you, but what matters is what is in front of you. Bury your old parts and let them rest in peace.’

Have a perfect day. With all my love and kisses,


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