Friday, 3 July 2009

Finding Contentment with Archangel Zazriel

Dearest Angels, Celestial Blessings!!!

There are so many of us that do not have a feeling of contentment in our lives; each pushing ourselves passionately daily towards success. When success isn’t coming, we question ourselves why and ultimately berate ourselves for having not reached that outcome we desire. This lack of satisfaction can leave us feeling depressed, stressed, useless and may even cause us to withdraw from life, our friends, our family.There is nothing wrong in having this driving force. There is nothing wrong in wanting success. But in the time that we spend trying to get from A to B, we miss life and the joys of life in so many ways. We believe that the more we push forward the more we accomplish, but when we notice that despite our efforts we are not reaching that goal, we run round in circles chasing our tail, demandingly asking ourselves what WE have done to not bring about the outcome we want.Sometimes when we push so hard we create blockages in front of us. Imagine a small pathway in front of you which is littered in boulders. When we push so hard it is like we are throwing ourselves violently against these rocks. Will these actions dislodge the boulders? No, they wont. Do we walk backwards? No, we don’t. we find a way to climb over or we find a way to dig under. When we are faced with these moments when we are not moving forward it is time for you to stay still for a while. It is time to look around and see the view…listen to the birds singing in the trees…look at the beautiful sky above…taste the fruits around you and savour every moment. Be CONTENT with where you are, be SATISFIED with what you are doing, sit a while and LOOK at what you have accomplished. How far have you come? Are you able to see the beginning of where you started from? I bet you cannot. You will notice that through this contentment, this satisfaction, the boulders will no longer be there. The air will rush towards you as you walk forward, as everything begins to flow harmoniously once again. You will feel you are not pushing against the wind but rather sailing on a sea of abundant breeze, and your eyes will see more as you begin to look around you on your path.Archangel Zazriel came to me to deliver this message to you, Zazriel translated means “Strength of God” and he is an angel of power and strength. Call on Archangel Zazriel to empower you to have the power to stop pushing so hard. Invoke his power to aid you in finding the strength to realize that its OK to rest and collect yourself.The greatest power is being able to recognize that its ok to be content even before you have reached your goals. When you do this, the blockages are lifted and abundance and success flows correctly and harmoniously.

Your sister in Light,

Helen xxx

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