Monday, 7 March 2011

Trips to Ancient Kourion, Temple of Apollo and Kathari Deftera

Celestial Blessings xxx

Most of you who watch my videos know that I have recently been on some lovely adventures to the ancient ruins around Limassol. You can find my videos to the right of this blog --->

Yesterday I had a wonderful day visiting the ancient Kourion amphitheatre and my favourite, the sanctuary and temple of the Greek god Apollon Hylates, meaning god of the woodlands.

I had a chance to take some lovely photos at the temple and also meditate. I saw some pretty impressive visions and was given some lovely messages. What was so amazing was that Apollo actually came to me as well as Zeus and Hera. The rest of what I saw in my visions I will reveal in a video which I will post in the near future.

Today is Kathari Deftera here in Cyprus. Kathari means clean and Deftera means Monday. It is the first day of lent and that means most families take to the hills or meet up at a family members’ home to eat anything that isn’t a product of animals such as unleavened bread, fish and seafood and all kinds of raw vegetables and fruit. Some of those who are beginning the big fast before Easter also abstain from eating olive oil on certain days. The children fly their kites as around this time of year we have some pretty gusty winds.

Not everyone fasts or some fast but still smoke and drink alcohol. What makes me sad to watch is that people do not understand that it isn’t what food you put in your mouth that makes you ‘unclean’ but what comes out of it, the negative thoughts some can have about people. I really don’t understand why these people fast lol though a lot of them do it to lose weight or to show they’re a good ‘Christian’ ;-) They also cheat by using powdered milk instead of actual milk, though this contains real milk anyway lol

Saying this, I do like the tradition of Kathari Deftera. It also marks the beginning of spring and it’s nice for the children to get together with their cousins to play.

For me this month has a very special meaning and I will be fasting the day before my spiritual journey.

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