Thursday, 3 March 2011

Leave it to cook!

You know I have a lot of comments here and there, from my clients or on my videos where people state, “It’s all good in theory but it’s easier said than done.” Well, how is the end result being looked at? Meaning, when we want to achieve something in our lives we cannot just sit and think “well...I WANT this but it’s going to be hard getting from a to Z” so they don’t try. Well of course it is if you look at it that way! :P when we want to embark on creating change in our lives we cannot sit and wonder HOW we are going to get to our goal because this DOES seem like a long, hard journey. We have to focus on the outcome, not HOW we are going to get there.

Making a start is the most important action you can do. If you don’t make a start, how can you make that change, how can you reach that goal? As children, we don’t sit there and say, “oh, it’s going to take me YEARS to become an adult so I’m not even going to try...” No, we don’t. We know it’s far away yet we don’t give up; we keep going with excitement and enjoy the journey. And you know, this is something we are so not doing! We are NOT enjoying the journey...we just want to rush, rush, rush and get there as fast as our feet can caper lol and if this were possible, what have we learned? What have we achieved? Is the goal as attractive when we haven’t worked towards it? Does it have any meaning to us anymore? Why are we so eager to get there so fast? Why do we want things to be manifested NOW when it’s not in its own divine timing? Where is the patience? And if you had it NOW would you know what to do with it when you haven’t prepared or trained to have it? Time is here for a reason...time is measured for a reason...there is a time for everything in life. It’s like eating fruit and vegetables out of season...its unnatural, right? They have been forced so they’re not as good or as full of goodness as they would be if they hadn’t been forced to produce NOW. This is like life and manifestations...leave it to cook! lol

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