Monday, 7 February 2011

Life Lessons

Celestial Blessings beautiful people xxxx I love you!!!

So today a lovely friend from YouTube sent me a video called unbelievably lucky people which I will post the link at the end.

It really got me thinking about how everything happens for a reason, everything has a cause and effect, nothing is a coincidence. You could call things that happen in our lives which make us open our eyes and notice divine intervention, fate, or something which we created ourselves to happen.

It makes me think about myself and a project I have been working on for about a year now. I have thrown my whole self into it, my heart, my soul, my passions and all of my love only to have it not ‘work’ anymore. No matter how much time I’m willing to spend, no matter how much motivation I use to ‘fuel’ this project it has come to a standstill and just isn’t moving anymore. Now I am the kind of person who doesn’t give up or give in, I keep soldiering on and working towards something if it really means something to me, but in these instances when you cannot move it along anymore alone you just have to say, “Well I’ve done all I can...I cannot do more..I have tried and worked hard on my part but there is nothing else I can do to make this work.” And believe me, this is a hard thing for me to do. I don’t see it as a failure, or see myself as a failure, but I mourn for the time and energy I put into something. can’t have all been in vain. Along the way I know I have learned valuable lessons which I will carry with me and put to some use somewhere along the line. I realise how lucky I am to have had this learning, even though I don’t know what for yet lol Yes, there is heartache and pain but this just makes us stronger, right? Lol and deep down we all know everything happens for a reason. Even though, like me, you may be not know what the reason is, it will become clear in time.

It is strange how we don’t always see the red light before we venture into something, don’t even get an inkling that the end result won’t be what we desired. Even I who works on my intuition on a daily basis cannot see things coming for myself, and sometimes I think this is meant to happen, it is meant for me/us to go through these motions to learn invaluable lessons. Because if we knew the outcome, would we do it? Not many would lol

Many times, we don’t learn our lessons and this is because they’re sometimes camouflaged so we cannot see it as it is because we HAVEN’T learned those all important things.
here is a link to the video:

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