Sunday, 6 February 2011

Alien Dreams

I have been having the most strangest dreams this past week. One dream I was with a student and we were in a class room where I was teaching. One of my students were assisting me in teaching the class metaphysics and then suddenly he said to me that there was an alien in the class. The alien stood up and told me that this student was not my student by chance but because I had to meet him in this life time.

Then I dreamed a dream involving aliens last night, too. I dreamed that I was with the same student at a party. I didn’t know the girl who’s birthday it was and I had been invited by my student. We sat together and ate together and it was getting time to leave and he was giving me a lift home. As we was walking to his car I looked up and I saw aliens in the sky. What is quite hilarious is they looked like jelly fish :S They had masks on as they couldn’t breath our air. I took photos of them and I was showing my student.

I had alien dreams about a month or so ago and it stopped but they seemed to have resumed. What can this be? I do not believe that it is metaphorical as it seems to be the theme of my dreams for a few months now. Strange…


  1. I just read what you have posted and I am allowing it to simmer around in my head. I do believe when you mind continuous to give you repetitive dreams on the same subject matter then it might be warning you or allowing you to prepare mentally for something that will happen whether it is aliens or not. -Nathaniel Pugliese

  2. either way its weird lol hope its not something bad lol xxxxxxxxxxx hugs and kisses xxxxx