Monday, 25 January 2010


Celestial Blessings xxx

I have always wondered why people who follow the laws of attraction find it so hard to manifest. Granted, I don't always get what i want and then i realise this is a real lesson for me. Why didn't i get what i wanted? Ah, there you go; the word 'wanted'. The universe answers us when it is a true need and not a want as what we want comes from our ego and the word need is what we truly, well, need :)

But then we come onto the question of, well why do people manifest for themselves tons of cash. surely it is not 'needed', right? So now we face another dilemma. What are doing wrong?

I have discovered on my path of manifestation that to truly get what you want, you truly have to believe you will have it. I then discovered that this can only come about if our subconscious and conscious are perfectly aligned. There always seems to be a catch, doesn't there? Oh well. I guess if you really mean business about withdrawing your dreams from the universe, you really need to sit down and reflect DEEPLY.

Take a look at my video on the Law of Attraction / Manifestation and let me know what you think. Click the link below:

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